Giclee Prints

What is a Giclee Print?

Giclée (pronounced gee-clay) is a fine art print created by using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer to print on superior quality paper or canvas material. Yes, a giclee is in fact an “art print” but giclee prints stand apart with their extremely high level of quality, longevity and value compared to a standard print.

Why do Artists Produce Fine Art Giclee Prints?

Sometimes an original painting is uniquely beautiful, sought after, and also, very expensive! 

Fine art Giclee prints help solve these problems. Reproductions of the original art can also be offered by the artist, allowing a number of art enthusiasts to invite the piece into their homes at a lower price point.

By choosing to produce giclee prints, an artist is allowing more people to enjoy and purchase their art, without sacrificing on quality.

Why Limited Edition Giclees are Special

When artists choose to make giclee prints, they’ll decide between producing open edition prints and limited edition prints.

Open edition giclee’ are pieces of which the artist reserves the right to produce more of, if desired.

However, buying limited edition giclee prints means that you’re one of few collectors that have the piece. Limited edition prints are more valuable, and the quantity produced of the piece is made public. When you buy a limited edition giclee, you’ll know exactly how many versions of the piece exist and in what sizes. 

Open edition giclee prints are very common and are sold in many places or by the artist themselves. These prints are still specialty prints in terms of quality, content, and price–but do not compare to limited edition giclee prints.

  • Limited Edition Giclees will never be produced again.
  • Open edition giclees will likely be produced again in the future

Limited Edition Giclees are more desirable by most and they are highly collectable! 

Giclee prints do not come with a frame.