Artist Bio

Joseph is a Kansas native who moved to Texas with his parents at the age of 15.  He went to Western Hills High School and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors degree in Information Sciences and Technology. Although he followed the technical career path, Joseph has always had a passion for art and enjoys challenging himself in ways that fulfill his creative interests.

Looking for a creative outlet, in September of 2021, Joseph began taking oil painting classes under Laert Aleksi Xhaferi at Studio Sabka and has been hooked since.

Joseph currently lives in Fort Worth with his wife Jenny and two teenage sons, Noah and Sammy.

Artist Statement

As a technical artist who specializes in oil painting, Joseph's work is characterized by a singular focus on capturing the beauty and essence of individual objects. Through careful study and attention to detail, he seeks to create highly realistic representations of these objects that invite the viewer to contemplate their form, texture, and color.

For Joseph, painting individual objects is a way of exploring the inherent beauty and complexity of the world around us. By isolating each object and removing it from its context, he is able to delve deeply into its unique qualities and characteristics, and to capture them in a way that is both realistic and evocative.

In his paintings, the object takes center stage, as he uses light, shadow, and color to accentuate its form and texture. Whether it is a pair of old skates, a vase, or an item of clothing, each object is given equal attention and care, and is treated as a thing of beauty in its own right.

Ultimately, his goal as an artist is to create work that inspires wonder and appreciation for the objects that surround us in our everyday lives. By elevating these objects to the status of art, he hopes to invite the viewer to see the world around them in a new and more profound way.